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Thermal Printer, the Pi, and GoFreeRange

Came across this neat write-up from on how to take the Adafruit Thermal Printer, mash it together with the Raspberry Pi, and get a neat internet-accessible printer.

Making a GoFreeRange internet printer with a Raspberry Pi

The GoFreeRange printer allows you to send data over the interweb and have it spat out in thermal-printed-monochrome gloriousness. Also referenced in this write-up were instructions and python scripts provided by Andrew Nicolaou to get the GFR printer working on the Pi: Use a Raspberry Pi to control your Freerange printer

I had played around with connecting the printer to the pi before. I sort of have a project on the back burner to take the RSS feed and have the printer spit out a note whenever there is a News or Newsflash item posted. More on that at some point in the future if I ever get back to it, hehe. For now, I have a printer that I can send stuff to over the internet. Along with the guide on how to set up the GFR RasPi printer, also has a post on incorporating If This Then That and DropBox to have a daily weather report printed (see here).

So it would seem I have another bit of kit to throw into my bag of tricks. If I find anything cool/somewhat useful to do with it, I will, of course, detail it here.