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BlinkStick. It’s a stick! And it blinks!

BlinkStick. Image courtesy of Adafruit.

This is pretty cool. A USB-controlled RGB LED with a web interface and open-source hardware and software. I have an ATTiny85 lying around (as you do), and I can probably Frankenstein some kind of usb connector together. I’m thinking a deadbug-style RGB eye stalk thing that come out of the side of your computer and changes color when stuff happens. Like it glows from blue to red when your CPU usage spikes or you’ve spent more than 8 hours on reddit. I mean…what? Link to Adafruit product page.

RGB Clock v1

I present, for your consideration, the first of what will hopefully be several of my projects detailed here, the RGB Clock


Functionally, it’s pretty simple. There are 3 lights (no, Picard, only 3 this time), each one representing the hours, minutes and seconds of a standard timepiece. But instead of showing numbers, each RGB light will cycle through the color spectrum as the value of each place increases.

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